One line: the head, the eye and the heart


So, Henry Cartier Bresson, one of the pioneers of photojournalism, said that: “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Oh well… the thing with photojournalism is that you are getting to see one situation through a man’s frame. Yes it is illusion made from a magician who captures instants with a camera. Before getting to know the facts, we always want the human touch. The moving story behind the curtains. And who was more human, and interested in our race than Henry Cartier Bresson? He did fashion shoots, he went to war, he covered politics, revolution and war.

He is now getting immortalized, one more time, by the guys of  Thames & Hudsonwho compiled 415 of his photos in one book called Henry Cartier Bresson Here and Now. If you are into photojournalism this is a must to get to know the head, the eye and the heart of one of the beautiful minds who created  Magnum Photos.

PS. I found these tips for street photography fans, inspired in our hero’s work. It makes you want to grab the camera and hit the streets. Enjoy!



henri_cartier_bresson_children henri_1688978c


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