“I Bend so I don’t Break”

“Natarajasana: In Sanskrit, “nata” means dance, “raja” means king, and “asana” means pose. Nataraja is one of the names of the Hindu God Shiva.

… Shiva is said to dance while he creates the universe and also dance during his destruction of the universe at the end of each cosmic era.  The purpose of the dance is to release all of our souls from the snare of illusion.”

If you bend, you don’t break, but you also look great. Well, that is what happens with this yoga photographic series, done by German photographer Björn Ewers. Lena Fishman got the essence of  Yoga and performed it at amazing, yet minimalistic retro stages.  May your eyes dance to the rhythm of Natarajasana!

* If you want to know the whole story about Natarajasana, click here.





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