One Muse: Eva Chen

I love fabrics, shapes, combinations… but the things I love the most are stories. I want to know how’s the romantic life of Karl Lagerfeld (besides Choupette) I want to know what was the song that made Anna Wintour dance like crazy when she was in her teens. -We all know Bob Marley made her dance, but there’s gotta be more material here-.

But there is this one thing that makes me want to divorce fashion: I can not stand presumption. I do not get how does a Chanel bag makes a person better than the other, and I also don’t understand why some people assume that having that bag gives them super powers. That’s why I applaud when I find an editor that’s not trying to say that if you don’t have the shirt of the season, you committed the biggest crime against fashion.

I applauded  when one friend introduced me to Eva Chen, Editor at Condé Nast. Chen admits that can wear one piece of clothing until it rips apart from her body, and that  is a reason to celebrate. A person who is humble enough to admit that there is no perfect equation for a good number of a magazine.Someone who just wants to innovate in every edition and who stands away from that posture of the  God that decides what’s right or wrong, makes me want to dance to Bob Marley’s rhythm. Do you share the feeling?


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